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Portals Gallery is an open sourced web portal development kit. The aim is to offer a simple to enhance, highly automated, responsive Web Portal dev't framework.

Portals Gallery employs the latest ASP.Net MVC & JS frameworks for offering a "template" for responsive web portal dev't, it also provides tooling/built-in functionalities that can automate/simplify "scalable" web page generation based on content & management, respectively.

Built-in features and functionalities (the niceties) will grow in time & are available to the different Web Portals that are part of the Gallery. Few of these to start with are:
  • Built-in high speed text search - each of the Web Portal in the Gallery can be searched for contents based on keyword(s).
  • Central management capable - each of the Web Portal in the Gallery can be centrally managed.
  • Content driven web page generation - optionally, web portal(s) can be setup quickly via definition of their content. To start with, we will provide simplistic structuring in the content that is leveraged by the kit to allow auto-generation of responsive web pages.
  • Perhaps grow the depth of customization & Portal functionalities to realize a multi-tenancy feature.
  • etc...

The benefits of this kit thus, will grow in time as we continuously evolve/expand its features.

Adaption of SOP B-Tree engine as the content database allows scalability in many aspects such as ease of coding/maintenance, "ultra low latency" content data management/search, etc... These characteristics make it feasible to host medium to large size web sites (e.g. - portals gallery) in small/economical setup in hosting sites such as

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